Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My First Post: The Adventure Begins!

Journaling once was the norm for me. Words- verbal, scribbled, instant messaged, or otherwise expressed, were not just a means to an end; they were my way of capturing and sharing all the good, bad, and in between that I encountered. I never thought too much about what I said, instead I just embraced my curiosities and let them take me where they would.

Fast forward a blossoming business, a wonderful husband, an adorable baby boy and now words are something different. The demands on my time have drawn me to be much more deliberate with the choices I make, and in doing so I've convinced myself that I will be more productive, happy, and creatively fulfilled if I plan first, write later. LOL

The trouble is my tangents, my much more natural rhythm are where I draw my energy from. They truly are the root of my creative being. AND so, after near a year of scheduling, planning, and conceiving what this blog would be I'm throwing it all out the window. No more pouring over the 'look' of the banner, the 'image' and the 'message' that I hope to convey to you. Instead I offer you this- a promise of sorts.

I promise that each day will be a little different. I promise to seek out new adventures and to take you with me along the way. I promise to plan a little less, and post a little more. ;) I promise to try to inspire and amuse you along the way.

My postings will be a sampling of where the days lead me. A cool fall day might be spent out strolling the streets of a new neighborhood, popping into stores along the way. I might introduce you to a toy my son couldn't live without or the cup of coffee that warmed me up along the way. The next day, I might teach you about a rose I'm planning to plant in my garden and ways I'm daydreaming of using it for an event I'm planning. And then the next day might just be about the fabulous dinner my husband cooked with the bounty from our local farmer's market. A natural rhythm may develop along the way, but the days will be the driving force, not my planner.

I hope you'll join me as the days unfold! I can't tell you how relieved I am to be making my first post; it's so exciting! Have a great one!

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