Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Day Ideas: Oscar Movie Night

When we moved here several years ago, we didn't quite understand when our neighbors bid farewell in late September. We hadn't seen a moving sign so we weren't quit sure where they were headed. Then October arrived and with it some of the rainest days on record. Our vibrant neighborhood became a ghost town and we too found ourselves spending more and more time nesting inside.

I'm a true nester- easily entertained by crafty little projects that warm my home. J on the other hand...well, in his own words, he's an 'outside dog.' So what's an outside dog to do when he's pent up inside? He goes stir crazy! Cabin fever sets in and even the largest of rooms starts to feel like a cage.

Over the years we've become more and more creative as we've sought out ways to fight the itch for spring. This year I'm super excited about one thing we've cooked up with a few of our friends. We've decided to do a bi-weekly movie/dinner night.

What's so special about a movie night you ask? Well, this isn't just a movie night. It's an Oscar through the ages night. We are going to work our way through the winners decade by decade and challenge ourselves to cook meals that are inspired by the film in one way or another. The first flick we are watching is "It Happened One Night."

Two weeks later we'll be watching Casablanca and J has promised to finally use that Tangine I bought him last Christmas. I'm so excited!

We'll have to keep you posted as things unfold but I'm do you pass the rainy days? Any creative ideas? I'd love to hear more about how the rest of Seattle fills those darker days.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photography: Birth Stories

Of all the investments I've made in life the one that I would go back and pay for ten times over is my son's birth story.

Those precious hours changed my life more than any others have, and while each and every moment is forever engraved into my heart there is something truely priceless to me about having photos that catpure the gravity of the moment too. I have no doubt that the photos taken that day will become treasured family heirlooms, just as much as the handmade quilts and other items handed down from one generation to the next.

Choosing someone to capture this once in a lifetime event was hard. As a photographer myself, I am beyond blessed to know some of the best and most talented individuals in the area. In the end, two friends agreed to step up to the challenge and be on call for the big event- Kristi Lloyd and Crystal Veroff. These ladies are amazing; I can't say enough good things about them both.

We'd spoken about the type of photos I was looking for, but in the with most birth stories, little is scripted. On the big day, a text went out and Kristi quickly joined us for the hours and moments leading up to Finley's birth. She was there through the laughter, tears, and at times pain that I endured. The way Kristi captured each little tiny detail from the clock hands at the minute of Finley's birth to our hands clutched together as we prayed for a safe delivery is nothing short of amazing. Each frame she took is so beautiful, but the way she wove them together into this amazing slideshow still moves me to tears.

Finley turned six months old yesterday. He's a far cry from the tiny, quiet bundle that came home. He's growing, changing, and laughing his way through the days and weeks; each day is full of true wonder! I LOVE being his mom! I will confess though...there is part of me that already miss my tiny newborn. ;) Good news though is that thanks to Kristi's gift, I can sit down and quietly watch and relive the joy of those first precious moments. The way it moved me will NEVER cease to take my breathe away.

Kristi, thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. You'll forever be a part of our family and of course Finley's special friend.